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Langei Poultry Farming


Poultry Farming

Advantages of intensive poultry farming. One of the major advantages of intensive farming is that it provides a high yield. This means that key food items such as eggs and chicken can be offered at competitive prices which are affordable to all.

Langei Duck Farming


Duck Farming

Duck farming is very popular and absolutely a lucrative business. Ducks are highly available around the world. There are numerous meat and egg productive duck breeds available throughout the world..

Langei LoinLoom Weaving


Lionloom Weaving

Working With People, Living With People & Progressing With People.

Langei Internation provide 150 weaving loom to improved the quality of manipur traditional product as a weaving. Langei provide more flexible working hour depend on their capacity. In one week one person can complete maximum 2 PHANEK and they are paid according with their working performance on weekly basis as every sunday followed by a group discussion with the village people for the betterment of the village.

Langei Child Sports Academy


Child Sports Academy

Langei International sports Academy has given free sport coaching facility to one child each home of the village to improve healthy living in the village.

Its has provided free transport services for the children to SAI (Sports Authority of India) Complex at Kuman Lampak and give various fields of sports training Suitable to the child some student has even selected for National Level Sports Completion.

Langei Bringing Light to Village


Light to Village

Langei International has provided light to the entire village of NONGPOK SENJENBAM. Now the village people are happy are happy as it has given a boon to the village and has change their lives toward better living.

R.O. Water Purified Supply


Water Purified

Langei International is One of the leading village which develop commercial RO water purifier, having high purification water. Langei international provide purified water to village of nongpok sanjenbam.

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